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Wall Ball Weights - 10 Options 4-30lb - Durable Exercise Balls

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Enhance your functional training routine with the JFIT Soft Wall Ball, a premium tool constructed for durability and versatility. Crafted with a heavy-duty vinyl coated shell, this wall ball is built to withstand even the most intense workouts. Laser cut, double stitched, and hand stuffed to maintain balance and shape, it offers a non-slip grip for optimal control during your exercise sessions. Whether you're aiming to improve strength, engage in plyometric exercises, or target specific muscle groups, this multi-purpose tool is ideal for achieving a wide range of workout goals.

Incorporate the JFIT Soft Wall Ball into your fitness regimen to experience a boost in endurance, core strength, stabilization, and muscle density. Available in various sizes, with a standard 14 diameter and a smaller 9 diameter for the 4LB ball, these wall balls are meticulously balance tested to ensure even weight distribution. Whether you're performing burpees, crunches, or seeking relief from tight muscles through stretching and rolling exercises, this versatile tool is designed to add variety and challenge to your exercise routine. Elevate your workout game with the high-quality construction and functionality of the JFIT Soft Wall Ball.

Designed to elevate your training experience, the JFIT Soft Wall Ball is the perfect companion for achieving your fitness goals with ease. Whether you're targeting specific muscle groups, increasing strength, or engaging in plyometric exercises, this versatile tool offers the durability and functionality needed to support your workout routine. With a non-slip grip for enhanced control and balance, this wall ball is an essential addition to any functional training arsenal. Available in various sizes, each meticulously balance tested for even weight distribution, the JFIT Soft Wall Ball is designed to enhance your exercise routine and help you achieve your fitness aspirations.

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Weight: 3.47 lb
Dimensions: 14.3 x 14.2 x 14.2 in
asins: B009SGQZMY
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